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Audiobook - Just a Geek by Wil WheatonWil Wheaton says:

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

And he also says:

I've had such a great experience using Lulu to sell Sunken Treasure and Memories of the Future, Volume One, I have decided to start out 2010 by moving the audio versions of The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Just A Geek to Lulu.

Click here for the full post. This is my first audiobook sighting in the wilds of Lulu.

Not only can you hear Wil Wheaton there, but he’s also got two podcasts: Memories of the Futurecast and Radio Free Burrito.

Wheaton, Wheaton everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Oh, wait. Here it is.

Posted by Scott D. Danielson

PS – I listened Just a Geek back in 2005 and loved it.

Scott D.

Reviews Editor, SFFaudio

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