Commentary: How to convert iPhone Voice Memos to MP3 (or WAV) in iTunes

November 27, 2011
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iTunes Preferences

I use my iPhone as a portable audio recorder. But the default recording format is M4A. This is not an easily manipulable format. If you, like me, want to use Audacity (and/or Levelator) to fiddle with your files you’ll want to be able to convert your files into other formats. iTunes has this capability, but figuring out how to make it happen in iTunes is not straightforward. Here’s the process in seven steps:

1. Go into the “Music” section of iTunes (which is where Voice Memos are found)
2. Click on the “Edit” tab
3. Select “Preferences”
4. Select “General”
5. Go down to “When you insert a CD” and select “Import Settings”
6. Change “Import Using” from “AAC Encoder” to “MP3 Encoder” (or “WAV Encoder”)
7. Now, when you right click on the Voice Memo, you will now have the option to “Create MP3 Version” (or “Create WAV Version”)

Here’s a video that shows the same process:

Posted by Jesse Willis

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