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January 30, 2007
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KFAI Community Radio, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MNRoy, our U.K. correspondent writes in to lament the imminent cancellation of Jerry Stearns’ Sound Affects: A Radio Playground from Minneapolis/St. Paul station KFAI‘s schedule.

I couldn’t believe it so I went and checked myself. HORROR of horrors Roy is right, there is a small note on Jerry Stearns’ website noting that Sound Affects is set to be terminated in March 2007.

It seems that KFAI has decided that “there is no audience for audio theatre”!!!

Programs aired on Sound Affects just in the past year have included:

Anne Manx On Amazonia which we called “…funny, action-packed, and touching.”

The Red Panda Adventures which we said was “…a super-fun diversion delivered in delicious half-hour doses. “

The Adventures Of Red Cloud which we described as “very entertaining.”

-The Parsec Award nominated Falcon Banner series.

The Last Harbinger which we said was “setting the highest of standards for fantastic audio drama.”

Roy writes “This is rather sad and alarming. I keep a close eye on this website as it is one of the best sources for ‘New Time’ SF/Fantasy productions and often comes up with things that I have not found elsewhere. It will be greatly missed.”

If you too are Sound Affects listener, and think that they are making a mistake, send the station’s Program Director, Dan Richmond, an email and let him know your feelings on the subject! He can be reached at: [email protected]

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