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Podcast - Mister Ron's BasementWhen Mark Twain was accused of plagiarizing Max Adeler’s The Fortunate Island for his novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court he responded by saying that he read Adeler’s story, liked it, and thought there was no resemblance. However, the Adeler story he compared to his own that appeared in the 1882 Fortunate Island book was a different one – An Old Fogy – one of the first time travel stories ever written.

For tonight’s Saturday Night Special story we have presented An Old Fogy, the tale of an old man (written in 1882) who wished to return to simpler times of sixty years previously. The old man gets his wish.

If you could imagine a Twilight Zone episode written in 1882, you might have this brilliant tale.

Time: approx forty-one minutes.

The Mr. Ron’s Basement Podcast will be moving to a new server in a couple of months after over four years at slapcast, but the link is certainly good for a while.

You’ll find the story at:


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