Review of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne

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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Based on the novel by Jules Verne; Performed by a full cast
33 1/3 RPM LP – Approximately 45 minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Wonderland Golden Records
Published: 1974 – Out Of Print
Themes: / Science Fiction / Submarines / War / Mad Scientist /

“…and when I am through I, Captain Nemo, shall rule the earth!”

“He’s mad, Baker! Mad, I tell you!”

Captain Nemo is the genius commander of a strange underwater ship “Nautilus”, which he invented to wage war against civilization. Captain Nemo’s base of operations for his fiendish scheme is the lost continent of Atlantis, which has sunk to the bottom of the sea centuries before.

Performed by something called “The Wonderland Imagination Theater” this is an old time radio style audio dramatization, complete with clichéd lines like “As you well know, my name is…”. What’s worse is that very little of Verne’s plotting is retained, whoever adapted this for audio seems to have decided he or she knew better how to plot a story than the inventor of modern science fiction! Production values are good, with appropriate and well-composed music, sound effects and background noise. Also on the plus side, the LP has a great campy comic book style cover, complete with word balloons. In fact if you think of the whole production as camp, its not all that bad. Unfortunately I don’t think this was what they were going for, admittedly the production is designed primarily for children. Perhaps it was sufficiently interesting for a young child back in 1974. For me it was a disappointment.

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  1. I do, or did own it Dave. I just checked my LP shelf, it isn’t there, but it may be in storage. I will check this weekend. There is a chance someone else contcted me by email to buy it from me already. I’ll try to let you know either way.

    And BTW, love your blog, contact me via Skype please, I’d love to pick yer brain a bit.

  2. I know this review is several years old by now but I am trying to locate some of the albums from this series. I happened on a copy of The First Man on the Moon by H.G. Wells in a small second hand record shop a few months back and I have been dying to get ahold of the others.

    If you manage to get this message and you know of a website where I might be able to track these down I’d be very thankful.

    – Chasie

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