5 thoughts to “$4.95 Series Starters at Audible”

  1. Note that one of the books that you’ve called out, Barrayar, is actually the 2nd book of the Vorkosigan series; the first novel is Shards of Honor (which is also available at Audible, just not for $4.95). The two are very much connected, with Barrayar basically picking up a few days after Shards of Honor ends, so you may as well buy both. :-)

  2. Yeah, the first book in a series idea often is kind of not obvious. Alan Dean Foster’s series, for example, is totally mixed up – but I think Scott’s notion that we should generally read the books in publication order makes sense to me.

    Incidentally, Alderete, I’d love to talk to you via skype. I’m enjoying your blog. My skype is is:


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