3 thoughts to “5 minute video tour of Audible.com headquarters in Newark, New Jersey”

  1. Cube hell! Orange and green 70’s hell! Acrophobic open stairway hell!

    Sigh. How can a place be simultaneously a cool place to work, and have every single feature that would drive me nuts?

    I was kind of picturing a happy land of tiny rooms coated with personal stuff, not an Ikea store.

  2. OTOH, it really is nice that they have the help desk/call center people in the same facility, because it would make it a lot easier to adjust problems quickly. (And it’s a lot more sanely like an office in appearance, albeit I kinda wonder if they get sunlight at all.)

    Also, planning ahead to make the cafeteria suitable for general office meetings is a good idea. But making an Amazon door shrine that apparently is never actually used is kinda weird and worshippy.

    And the creepy glass walls of the meeting rooms. Creepy panopticon creepiness. The only real benefit would be seeing who’s in the meeting before opening the door. But it would be a constant distraction, to see others passing and know they can see you… eeh.

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