A new CBC document CHILLS all CBC bloggers

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Inside The CBC BlogThe “Inside The CBC” Blog (the official blog for the English language Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has a frightening news story about a new CBC policy. It states:

“any CBC employee who wants to start a personal blog which ‘clearly associates them with CBC/Radio-Canada’ now requires their supervisor’s permission”

This really stinks! The whole idea is draconian, unconscionable and stupid. We must stop this.

The article also cites the same CBC document as saying:

“Further, the blog cannot advocate for a group or a cause, or express partisan political opinion. It should also avoid controversial subjects or contain material that could bring CBC/Radio-Canada into disrepute. To start and maintain a blog of this kind, you need your supervisor’s approval.”

Let’s see… does advocating that CBC should air The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, a show that it commissioned, hired actors for, recorded and completed only to shelve count as ‘bringing CBC into disrepute’? Who’s going to make that call? The very thought of this irks me to no end. This will hurt us, the listeners (and viewers) of CBC.

I hardly think it likely that our own little FREE APOCALYPSE AL campaign is the primary target of this new CBC brass policy, but it still sucks for us anyway. We can’t let CBC start standing for “Coverup and Banning Committee.”

Please consider adding your comments to the original post – let us not allow CBC to become something less than the greatness it has always been. Long live the CBC as a great communicator.

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