Old Man’s War to become an AUDIOBOOK

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Blog - John Scalzi's WhateverJohn W. Campbell Awardee (for “Best New Writer”) John Scalzi has posted some very exciting news to his Whatever blog:

“I had a nice chat with the producer of the audio version of Old Man’s War about the status of that; it’s in production now and everything about it seems to be moving along swimmingly. Neat.

One thing for folks who are interested in the audio version to be aware of: it’s going to be sold online only. I think this is fine, myself; it’s being produced by Audio Renaissance, Tor’s corporate cousin, so it won’t be at all difficult to find online once it’s done (I imagine it’ll be at audible.com and iTunes, etc), and not having to fiddle with packaging means it’ll be ready to go more quickly once it’s done. Also, you know. It’s not as if most of my readers don’t have that whole online thing going on.

I’ll keep you all plugged in with how the audio book version is coming along, and when it will be available, etc. For now, know that someone somewhere is reading OMW, in mellifluous tones, into a microphone, for you, eventually.”

And the plan is to have SFFaudio favorite narrator William Dufris narrating! Cool huh?

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