A new hour long production of Metropolis airs on…

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Online AudioA new hour long production of Metropolis airs on BBC Radio 4‘s Friday Play this coming Friday. That’s on at 9pm UK TIME March 24th 2006.

“Thea von Harbou’s novel became husband Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent movie classic.Its terrifying vision of the future was born in an age of booming heavy industry. Peter Straughan’s new version finds its hero, F.T. Fredersen, caught up in a nightmarish world all too recognizably drawn from the one we find ourselves in today.”

Also of interest on BBC4 is the upcoming Book At Bedtime (a weekday evening book reading show) which will be airing an abridgement of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

“When an Oxford academic is anonymously gifted a volume inscribed with the mark of Vlad Drakulya, there begins a terrifying and increasingly desperate quest for the monster’s last recorded resting place.”

Read by Colin Stinton and Barbara Barnes it airs at 10:45pm UK TIME. It’ll run for 5 days from March 20th to March 31st 2006.

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