A podcast novel from just under the radar…. bu…

A podcast novel from just under the radar…. but soon to be looming large in your podcatcher…

Brave Men Run.
By Matthew Wayne Selznick; Read by Matthew Wayne Selznick
55 Chapters – Approx 30 Minute MP3 Installments [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: BraveMenRun.com / Podiobooks.com
Published: Started Nov 2005 – Concludes ??? 2006

Fans of Ultimate Spider-Man, silver age comics, and alternate history will enjoy this prose novel of teen angst and metahumans! Brave Men Run is a coming of age story set in an alternate 1980’s, where people with amazing talents and abilities suddenly make themselves known. Can young Nathan Charters find himself in this uncertain new world? Who is he, where did he come from, and is he part of a remarkable new minority… or just a misfit among misfits?

Described as “alternative history fantasy” and it may turn out to be just that, but whatever it is called, it’ll also be called X-CELLENT! A prose superhero novel without the funny looking long-underwear type costumes. After only three installments I’m totally hooked!

HERE‘s the promo in mp3 format.

Paul Jenkins of The Rev-Up Review podcast had this to say about the first couple of instalments of the podcast of Brave Men Run: “…well written with great dialogue. Utterly convincing and the podcast is well produced with good sound and superbly read by the author…” You can, BTW, hear the complete mini- review on the 13th episode of R.U.R. at about the 5 Minutes 40 Second mark.

I recently spoke with Matthew about how much I’m enjoying his podcast novel. I asked him about the X-Men like story. It turns out the idea for this “Soverign Era” novel came from a serialized fiction project Matthew worked on a few years ago. We also talked about the little tips of the hat to Silver Age Comics sprinkled throughout the narrative, the cerebral and realistic portrayl of what it would be like to have super powers and plenty more. I’m really jazzed about this one, and I think if you give it a shot you will be too. Matthew’s prose is clean and true and the production is matched by a terrific straight reading by the author. Like The Pocket And The Pendant this one’s available at Lulu.com in a Print On Demand paperbook edition as well.

You can also listen to the first part of a two part interview done with Matthew HERE the interviewer is Paul Puri of of the 5+5 Podcast – cool stuff. Looking forward to part 2 of that interview on the 5+5 Podcast soon too!

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