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The Iron Heel, one of the books that we’re turning into AUDIOBOOKS for the 4th Annual SFFaudio Challenge. It is being posted bit by bit, to a new website called TheIronHeel.net. The audiobook’s narrator and site runner, Matt Soar, is asking for feedback feedback on what he’s done so far. Here’s my feedback on your new site Matt:

Nice layout – simple and clean, with a blog format for easy RSS following. But! There is one serious deficiency that I see. There are simply not enough graphics!

The Iron Heel by Jack London<--So, I've made some for you! Let's really jazz up this very modern themed (but old aged) novel about a dystopian 20th century that (sort of) never was. Maybe someone out there on the internets has a cool map or something? Matt's also looking for feedback on the audio. Have a listen to Matt's reading of the Foreword |MP3| and Chapter 1 |MP3|.

Personally, after listening, I think you’re doing a very good job. It sounds like the mic or the mic setup could use a tweak in some way – there’s something not 100% right there. Otherwise the voicing sounds really terrific Matt!

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