ABC RN again disapoints for Christmas

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ABC RADIO NATIONALABC Radio National, Australia’s public radio broadcaster, is airing a reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Like the ABC:RN reading of Dracula from earlier this year, this reading of A Christmas Carol is neither podcast nor available in another online audio format. The problem here is that ABC:RN’s Book Reading show remains committed to make listening next to impossible for Australians not glued to their radios. The official explanation is simple:

“Due to copyright restrictions this reading is unavailable as audio on demand.”

That’s terrible. A Christmas Carol is one of the most recorded audiobooks of all time. Sure their version is covered by copyright. But when will the honchos at ABC:RN get hip? BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7, while not podcasting, at least make sure to get clearances to make their productions available for online listening. CBC Radio One podcasts its book reading program Between The Covers (as well as nearly every other program) and has started using creative commons music too (on the CBC Radio One program called Spark).

If you’d have liked to have heard the ABC reading why not drop them a line HERE.

Here are some other sources for audio versions of A Christmas Carol:

Wired For Books: A Christmas Carol |ONLINE AUDIO| A Christmas Carol |Podcast Available| A Christmas Carol |Podcast|

A Christmas Carol Read by Patrick Horgan |iTunes Podcast Audiobook|

W.O.E.S. 91.3 FM Archive Dramatization |REALAUDIO Part 1|REALAUDIO Part 2|

The Classic Tales Podcast version via this feed:

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