Adam Rakunas of the blog is podcasting …

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Adam Rakunas of the blog is podcasting his Science Fiction novellete entitled Making Numbers.

Adam describes Making Numbers thusly:

“It’s the story of Maggie Tsu-Chen, a burnt out career counselor for uploads (she’s one, herself). She’s one client away from making her Number, thereby meeting her obligation to the System. Take a step Inside, and find out why uploading may not be all that and a bag of chips.”

Making Numbers is broken up into 11 parts, Adam’s about half way through posting all the parts – his reading is good but he’s in desperate need of a pop-filter:

You can subscribe to the feed by plugging this into iTunes:

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  1. Thanks for listening, and sorry about the p-pops. I was using an old headseat microphone, but I’m now using a much better setup, including a pop filter. My next podcast, “The Right People,” should be up in a few weeks.

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