ADPoV: A Different Point of View On The Star Wars Saga

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A Different Point Of ViewLest we incur the wrath of a hardened Imperial Storm Trooper battalion we thought it best to pimp… err… I mean bestow, ya that’s the ticket, bestow the good news about the existence of the Empire’s most loyal website The site contains all the reasoned documentation and MP3 audio reports of Sand Trooper TD-0013. Tee Dee Oh Oh One Three may be already be familiar to you from his long running A Different Point of View segments on the Michael And Evo’s Wingin’ It podcast. Tee Dee writes, “The site is pretty much my new base ops and houses the complete, and growing, collection of all of the “A Different Point of View” MP3 segments, as well as a weekly cartoon strip by Starlog magazine’s bortQ, Wallpapers, an answering machine recording, and other nonsense.” And by nonsense Tee Dee means “mandatory viewing materials.” Not to put any pressure on you, our dear readers, but I got the impression that SFFaudio’s been assigned a weekly quota and that if we don’t deliver some serious numbers to and soon we might be going for a one-way forced march to the Pit of Carkoon! Please visit Tee Dee’s site, and in the Emperor’s name we beg that tell them that SFFaudio sent you!

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