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AfterhellThe amazingly horror-ific series by the extremely creative folks at Ollin Productions have just started production of Volume Three of their Afterhell series. If you have never heard of Afterhell, you are missing out on an eargasm of multiple proportions. No better way to explain the series than to read it from the source itself:

“This is your gateway to a nightmare world of the ear and the mind.

There, horrors have been set loose on the world. Planet Earth is changing to fulfill a new role in the universe. It is the new Hell. Madness and evil are everywhere. In everyone. In everything.

All over the world, civilization has fallen. Cities burn with lunacy and brimstone. Science can’t explain it. Faith can’t account for it. The human race is under attack from its own shadows, sins, and deepest fears. The survivors face a surreal existence where only the darkest dreams come true. No one is safe. And everyone is on trial.

Poetic justice and naked cruelty. Personal demons and infernal beasts. It’s all here. This is the home of the damned. This is AFTERHELL.”

I heard Volume One where else? The Sonic Society during their first season. It caused me to purchase Volume Two, because I couldn’t wait for Sonic Society to air it. Being the horror/gore fan that I am, I have never heard anything to make me cringe as much as this series does. It’s wonderful!

The best part of this is, Volume Three is going to be released first through a podcast sometime in May! How much better can this get? I’ll keep you posted on the details. Here is a promo for Volume Three: LINK

Listen to Afterhell: Dark Descent through the Sonic Society archives:

Part 1

Part 2

You can also find out more about Afterhell and Ollin Productions at

See you in Hell!

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