Canadia: 2056’s 2nd Episode airing now!

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Canadia 2056Canadia: 2056 episode 2 is airing across Canada this morning starting at 11:30 am. Check out the Streaming Radio Map for CBC Radio One.

Here’s the official CBC Radio hotsheet description:

“Tune in this morning for Episode Two of Canadia 2056, a spacey – in
every sense of the word – new comedy series starring Matt Watts from Steve the First and Steve the Second. It’s all about Canada’s only publicly-funded spacecraft, the Canadia – sent to help the U-S space armada against an alien threat. This week, the Captain begins to suspect that there’s a saboteur aboard his ship – and Anderson plots his escape. Canadia 2056, this morning at 11:30 (noon Newfoundland time) on CBC Radio One.”

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