Another Lester del Rey audiobook claimed in our "Challenge"

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Jeffery Tillotson has written in to say:

“I really like the idea of the challenge of I enjoy listening to stories. From podcasts, to old time radio, to audio books. If I can help put more Science Fiction stories in audio format I think I should do just that.”

And so Jeff has claimed The Sky is Falling by Lester Del Rey from our original challenge. He is committed to having it done no later than March 31st, 2007. That’s just three months away!

In order to inspire Jeff to meet his self-imposed deadline we’ve got some art for him:

Audiobook - The Sky Is Falling by Lester Del Rey

Here’s a description of the novel:

Summoned from Earth by magic, Dave Hanson finds himself embroiled in the politics and engineering problems of an alternate Earth named Terah . . . for Terah’s sky has shattered, and he may be the one man in all the universe who can restore it! But science and sorcery, beautiful women, and fantastic monsters are just the beginning of his problems . . .

The Sky Is Falling was based on a story from 1954 called No More Stars. No More Stars was credited to Charles Satterfield, which in this case was actually a pseudonym for both Lester del Rey and Frederick Pohl, they collaborated on that original story. It was released as an expanded novel by del Rey in 1963, and then again in 1973 as half of one of the last Ace Doubles.

I look forward to hearing it Jeff!

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