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Internet Archive - Open Source AudioI don’t know if there exists a non-fiction book with more downloads than Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. The stats show it having been downloaded more that 13,000 times. That’s impressive. More impressive is how readable it is. The narrators are all amateurs and they occasionally mispronounce a word or stumble over the descriptions of the images and charts in the paperbook. It doesn’t matter though. The content is delivered extremely well – Lessig is an excellent explicator, and the book is highly relevant for anyone who visits this website. Americans in particular will find immense value in this audiobook. I highly, highly recommend it.

Free Culture by Lawrence LessigFree Culture
By Lawrence Lessig; Read by various
18 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 9 Hours 42 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: AKMA /
Published: 2004
Provider: / Open Source Audio

I got this audiobook through a torrent. You can get it that way too. Unfortunately I don’t know how to link to a torrent so I’ve made a HuffDuffer podcast feed for it…

Podcast feed:

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Here’s the entire audiobook for streaming listening too…

Those still unconvinced should have a look/listen to this April 17, 2009 powerpoint enhanced that Lessig gave at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s entitled The Forbin Problem – its title takes inspiration from the AMAZINGLY AWESOME Science Fiction movie called Collusus The Forbin Project.

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2 thoughts to “ Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig”

  1. You’re kidding about The Forbin Project being awesome, right? Please say you’re kidding. I’m going to cling to the idea that your use of ALL CAPS indicates irony.

    The idea that a massively gigantic software and hardware project could work flawlessly the first time it is turned on, and even turns out to have capabilities beyond the wildest imaginings of its creators, is just too ridiculous to this toiler in the dark satanic mills of software development.

  2. Fred. I have no problem lying to you if that will make you think better of me. So I’ll give you the options:

    Lie: I was kidding.

    Truth: I was not kidding.

    In my defense (either way) I will state that: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a software developer.

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