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Eldritch Hobbit BlogMore news out of Montreal and Worldcon 2009! Amy H. Sturgis, a frequent columnist on StarShipSofa’s Aural Delights is reporting that “has agreed to sell” Cory Doctorow’s next two audiobooks without DRM!

Here’s the relevant passage from her blog:

“One particularly interesting (and, to my mind, heartening) tidbit was Cory Doctorow’s news about his forthcoming audiobooks. As you may know, Doctorow disagrees with the way in which Audible, for example, imposes its digital rights management [DRM] system on those who purchase its wares. When Little Brother came out, he attempted to negotiate with Audible so that the company would offer a download without DRM, but Audible refused, and so Doctorow’s Little Brother is not available through its site, which is the largest seller of audiobooks in the world. But due to the success of Little Brother, Audible now has agreed to sell his next two audiobooks without DRM, which will be the very first time Audible has ever sold any such files.”

[via Audiobook DJ]

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