and Wonder Audiobooks strike a deal.

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Online Audio - Wonder AudiobooksAudible.comSFFaudio editor, and time traveling podcaster Rick Jackson has posted a story on his podcast’s blog. He has good news! Wonder Audiobooks, Rick’s classic SF short story audiobook company has got stories, both old and new, that will be appearing on very soon…

Rick writes:

“Some of you, I know, are wondering where’s the next TT Show. Well, it’s coming. But not until next week. I’ve been busy getting audio stories ready for Wonder Audio. Some of you know that Wonder Audio is the audiobook company of the Time Traveler. Recently I have signed a contract with the ubiquitous I’ve been preparing some new recordings, as well as older ones, for release on Audible.

The next Time Traveler Show is going to have a fantastic story by Mack Reynolds that was first published in 1957 and never reprinted. It’s a lot fun and I’m really excited about it. It’s read by voice talent Jeremiah Costello, who kicks butt on it.”

We’d known that was making a big push to capture more Science Fiction audiobooks, previously announced was Scott Danielson and his Deuce Audio. I believe there are more companies out there considering contracts and we’ve heard very interesting back channel info about how this new acquisition hunger came to happen. It seems that audiobooks of the fantastic persuasion are extremely popular, we’d have never guessed, and somebody (or bodies) pointed out SFFaudio to some of the big wigs at Audible! Thanks whoever you are! Just think of SFFaudio as the unofficial talent scout for the big league.

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