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There are a couple of “Audible Fairy Tales” titles for kids available for FREE from You will need to have an account already but if you do you’re golden with these…

Audible Fairy Tales - The True History Of Little Golden HoodThe True History Of Little Golden-Hood
By Andrew Lang; Read by Leo Laporte
Audible Download – 9 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: / Audible Fairy Tales
Published: 2008
You know the tale of poor Little Red Riding-hood, that the Wolf deceived and devoured, with her cake, her little butter can, and her grandmother? Well, the true story happened quite differently, as we now know. First of all, the little girl was called and is still called Little Golden-hood; secondly, it was not she, nor the good grand-dame, but the wicked Wolf who was, in the end, caught and devoured.

Audible Fairy Tales - Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The Beast
By Andrew Lang; Read by Roscoe Orman
Audible Download – 51 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: / Audible Fairy Tales
Published: 2008
Once upon a time in a very far-off country, there lived a merchant who had been so fortunate in all his undertakings that he was enormously rich. As he had, however, six sons and six daughters, he found that his money was not too much to let them all have everything they fancied, as they were accustomed to do.

But that isn’t all! An Audible Kids account (which you can get FREE if you already have a regular account) will get you even more gems…

Audible / Reading Is Fundamental

I’m listening to the E.A. Poe tale in there now. It’ll freak your kids out right and proper!

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