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SFFaudio News - Audiobook Creation, Audiobook Creation Exchange, is’s new website to promote audiobook production. It came out of beta recently (sometime between the Spring and July 2011) and has since added thousands of potential audiobooks to its catalogue. From the about page:

“ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post fallow audiobook rights..

At ACX, those unused audio rights will be matched with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook, as well as with audiobook publishers.

The result: More audiobooks will be made.

Too many authors have been left out of the quickly growing and culturally repositioned digital audio market. Until now.

ACX puts you in the driver’s seat. If you’re a Rights Holder, you choose how you produce your audiobook—whether on your own or by engaging a Producer on ACX—and you choose among two royalty models.

If you’re a Producer, ACX allows you to post a profile and be seen. Plus, you can be proactive and audition on ACX for posted titles.”

The site is vast and deep, already listing thousands of books that are potential audiobooks. And seemingly every possible question has been at least cursorily covered. Narrators, audiobook companies, and authors will all have something to see here – ACX may revolutionize the business of audiobooks.

There are already more than a half dozen instruction videos like this:

And check out this rather hilariously scripted ad for how the site works:

[Props to, Juke! and the WaybackMachine]

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  1. It sounds like Amazon has been tallying all the searches for “___ audiobook” that come up with nothing, or with only something out of print for twenty or forty years. And it sounds like those searches really pain their executives’ souls.

    Sometimes, Amazon’s abiding merchant love of profit, and hate of losing any potential sale of anything, really pays off. :)

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