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Jack J. Ward, of The Sonic Society podcast points me toward this new blog that reviews audio drama.

Audio Drama ReviewIt’s called Audio Drama Review, and the reviewer blogs under the name “AudioDramaReviewer” – hey are you sensing a pattern here?

Audio Drama Review’s moto is:

“Reviews of Audio Drama, Radio Plays, old and new. Current companies and shows both professional and amateur.”

If you’re a fan of audio drama you should definitely check out this new blog!

Already reviewed are:

Icebox Radio Theater

Lightning Bolt Theater Of The Mind

Decoder Ring Theatre

Dream Realm Enterprises

Children Of The Gods

Gaia’s Voyages

My favourite part about this new blog is that the reviewer is taking the time to pointing out how much the website for each show sucks (or doesn’t). Making a decent show isn’t enough, it has to be accessible too!

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