Audio Drama: Some New OLD WOUNDS, Firefly / Serenity style

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Firefly: Old Wounds - Wedding DayThe Sonic Society (and Sonic Cinema), which is currently chaired by Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie, have released the first half of a new addition to their intensely popular Firefly: Old Wounds show. Part one of the SPECIAL is available now |MP3|. The concluding installment should come out next week. Entitled “Wedding Day” it’s a fan tale from Joss Whedon’s Firefly / Serenity. Front and foremost in the special are the characters of Simon Tam and Kaylee Frye. Here’s the official description:

Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie reprise their roles as Simon Tam and Kaylee Frye from the Firefly: Old Wounds series. Bringing a whole cast of new actors and characters to Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe, Jack J. Ward wrote this hour long feature which explores the relationship between Kaylee and her family, and her growing relationship with Simon. Set just after the Serenity movie, Kaylee decides to go home to visit with her family for Christmas. Simon, on the other hand has been rendered unconscious, boxed up in a crate, and left on the drop zone just outside of the town. The hilarity begins when Simon is drawn between various factions of the town, in his search to discover just exactly where he is and how he got there. Kaylee, comes face to face with some difficult family issues and her own guilt.

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