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Audio Renaissance ( has announced its new releases for Winter 2005, and it looks like they are taking over some of the Fantastic Audio titles. These are all CD only releases, no cassettes at all, and every single one is completely unabridged. The titles announced include the three “Asteroids Wars” novels by Ben Bova with what appears to be dual narration. In either case, its great to see unabridged novels becoming the new accepted standard. Personally I’m not too upset at the limited format release, if it comes down to a choice between CDs and cassettes, these days I’d choose CDs, as they are more portable to the increasingly populare MP3 audiobook format.

The titles announced include the three “Asteroids Wars” novels by Ben Bova (a subset of the Grand Tour series):

The Precipice
By Ben Bova – Read by Scott Brick and Amanda Karr
10 CDs – Approx. 12 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published: February 2005
ISBN: 1593974906
The first novel of the Asteroid Wars. Once, Dan Randolph was one of the richest men on Earth. Now the planet is spiraling into environmental disaster, with floods and earthquakes destroying the lives of millions. Martin Humphries, fabulously wealthy heir of the Humphries Trust, also knows that space-based industry is the way of the future. But unlike Randolph he does not care if Earth perishes in the process. As Randolph-accompanied by two brilliant women astronauts-flies out to the Asteroid Belt aboard a fusion-propelled spacecraft, Humphries makes his move. The future of mankind lies in Randolph’s hands.

The Rock Rats
By Ben Bova – Read by Ira Klaffey and Amanda Karr
9 CDs – Approx. 10 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published: February 2005
ISBN: 1593974922
The second novel of the Asteroid Wars. Visionary space industrialist Dan Randolph is dead-but his protégé, pilot Pancho Barnes, now sits on the board of his conglomerate. She has her work cut out for her-for Randolph’s rival, Martin Humphries, still wants to control Astro and still wants to drive independent asteroid miners like Lars Fuchs out of business. Humphries wants revenge against Pancho-and, most of all, he wants his old flame, Amanda, who has become Lars Fuchs’s wife. Before it ends, many will die-and many will achieve more than they ever dreamed was possible.

The Silent War
By Ben Bova – Read by Christian Noble and Amanda Karr
11 CDs – Approx. 13 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published: February 2005
ISBN: 159397504X
The third novel of the Asteroid Wars. When corporations go to war, standard business practice goes out the window. Astro Corporation is led by indomitable Texan Pancho Lane, Humphries Space Systems by the rich and ruthless Martin Humphries, and their fight is over nothing less than resources of the Asteroid Belt itself. Fighting escalates and the lines between commerce and politics, boardroom and bedroom, blur-and the keys to victory will include physics, nanotechnology, and cold hard cash. It’s a breakneck finale that can end only in earth’s salvation-or the annihilation of all that humankind has ever accomplished in space.

And the newest volume in the ongoing Ender Wiggin Saga:

Shadow Of The Giant
By Orson Scott Card; Read by TBA (To Be Announced)
9 CDs – Approx. 11 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published: March 2005
ISBN: 1593974965
Bean, once the smallest student at the Battle School, and Ender Wiggins’ right hand, has grown to be a power on Earth. He served the Hegemon as strategist and general in the terrible wars that followed Ender’s defeat of the alien empire attacking Earth. Now he wishes for a safe place to build a family-something he has never known-but there is nowhere on Earth that does not harbor his enemies-old enemies from the days in Ender’s Jeesh, new enemies from the wars on Earth. To find security, Bean and Petra must once again follow in Ender’s footsteps. They must leave Earth behind, in the control of the Hegemon, and look to the stars.

Also forthcoming, book five in The Wheel Of Time series:

The Fires Of Heaven
By Robert Jordan; Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer
32 CDs – Approx. 39 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audio Renaissance
Published: April 2005
ISBN: 1559276062
Robert Jordan again plunges us into his extraordinarily rich, totally unforgettable world: …Into the forbidden city of Rhuidean, where Rand al’Thor, now the Dragon Reborn, must conceal his present endeavor from all about him, even Egwene and Moiraine….Into the Amyrlin’s study in the White Tower, where Amyrlin, Flaida do Avriny a ‘Roihan, is weaving new plans. …Into the luxurious hidden chamber where the Forsaken Rahvin is meeting withthree of his fellows to ensure their ultimate victory over the Dragon….Into the Queen’s court in Caemlyn, where Morgase is curiously in thrall to the handsome Lord Gaebril. For once the Dragon walks the land, the fires of Heaven fall where they will, until all men’s lives are ablaze. And in Shayol Ghul, the Dark One stirs…

Any listeners interested in pre-ordering any of these titles can join the SFFAUDIO Yahoo! Group where an exclusive 25% discount will be offered to members in early November 2004!

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Scott D.

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  1. I have purchased The Shock Doctrine twice now and in both sets the 4th CD wont load into my computer. It wont play in the computer or download to my Ipod. It just rejects it. I wondered if others had the same problem. Love the first three disc.

  2. I purchased “The Prometheus Deception” audio book by Robert Ludlum and it contains 2 disc #5 and no disc #6. Any chance you can send me one so I can find out how the story ends?
    The bar code number on the package is: 9 781427 201294 51495.
    ISBN-13: 978-1-4272-0129-4
    Thank You. Send to: Lloyd Wands, 7097 Quail Run Ct. Unit B-16
    Ft. Myers, FL. 33908

  3. I purchased in new box Richard North Patterson ‘EXILE” and after listening to 16 CD’s I foound out I had two # 16D’s and no #17 (Last one) How can I get # 17?
    carl richards
    6705 long beach blvd.
    brant beach, NJ 08008

  4. Carl, Audio Renaissance no longer operates under that name. Try contacting Macmillian Audio (its inheritor). Check other comments on this post on how to do that.

  5. I purchased a copy of Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides at Borders Books. It was a new audio book. However When I opened the box there was a duplicat of dics 7 thru 12 and no dics 13 to 17. Could you please send me dics 13 to 17 so I can finish listening to this book. My address is: Michael M Richert 2305 e High st Jackson, MI 49203.
    Thank You

  6. I ordered and received a set of 3 cds titled GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT. I was looking for a replacement for my old cd of the same name that had “Your Safe Place” on it,But I had worn it out over the years. I have received a new set from Carlo Largo, but they cannot tell me whether “Your Safe Place” is on it. I would appreciate it if you can let me know whether it is included. Thank you so very much.
    Celia A. Hahn
    [email protected]

  7. I just finished listening to the 17 CDs of “Middlesex” – a book written by Jeffrey Eugenides, a genius in my estimation. And the man who read the book is stunning – Kristoffer Tabori. He brought the characters to life with his exceptional voice and passion.

    I just wanted to tell somebody how impressed I was with it all.

  8. For Christmas 2007 I received “The Christmas Promise” by Donna VanLiere.

    i was really disappointed when disc 4 was not in the boxed set.

    I really enjoyed the book but would like to finish the book.

    Is there any way I could get the 4th cd?

    I have just gotten the internet, that is why I haven’t made this request sooner.

    Thank you,

    Betty Morrison
    [email protected]

  9. i purchased “The Ravenscar Dynasty” and now it is missing the 6th disc. How can I purchase this disc to have a complete set?
    Kristie Colina
    8274 Sawpine Road
    Delray Beach, Fl 33446-9795
    954-428-0909 work
    561-495-7117 home

  10. I purchased Robert Ludlum’s Hades Factor and have tried everysound system that I own trying to listen to it,. I hope that you never, never use Joseph Campanella again. He has the worst voice. It has no power and comes out like a loud whisper. I have listened to dozens of audio books and this is the first loser.

  11. I purchased HeartSick by Chelsea Cain several yaers ago and am finally getting around to listening to it. I found that the 1st cd has a crack in it so it doesn’t work. I have checked the remaining discs and they look fine. Can you send me another #1 CD or is there a place I can download it? Help!

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