BBC + Gaiman, Aldiss, Baczkiewicz, Byrnes

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RadioArchive.ccHere are links to four recent BBC programs. Myself, I’ve heard most of Neverwhere, and it’s terrific so far, but the others look pretty promising too.

Which have you heard? And what do you think?

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere adapted by Dirk Maggs [AUDIO DRAMA]

Hothouse by Brian Aldiss; read by Gareth Thomas

Pilgrim by Sebastian Baczkiewicz – Series 4 [AUDIO DRAMA] (Comments contain links to Series 1 to 3)

White Snow by Frances Byrnes [AUDIO DRAMA]

[Thanks Bob!]

Posted by Jesse Willis

3 thoughts to “BBC + Gaiman, Aldiss, Baczkiewicz, Byrnes”

  1. “Pilgrim” is marvellous. A hidden gem. They’ve just put some new ones on Radio 4. It has echoes of “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”. Worth a listen.

  2. Dave L

    FYI – Pilgrim Series 4 is the latest Series (4 episodes). It aired weekly on BBC-R4 Afternoon Drama from 21 Feb to 14 Mar 2013.

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