BBC Radio 2 Science Fiction Comedy pilot Daydream Believers

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Our UK correspondent, Roy, has written in with a last minute addition… Daydream Believers on BBC R2 13:00-13:30 Saturday 5th May (hey that’s today!) Roy writes:

“This is apparently a pilot show only, but the BBC has promised a series if successful. SF Comedy (of both the TV & Radio varieties) often falls flat on its face and is one of the most difficult sub-genres, but Mitchell & Webb are riding high on TV at the moment so there is cause for optimism.”

I’m gonna give it a try, here are the details if you’d like to too…

Online Audio - BBC Radio 2Daydream Believers
1 Broadcast – [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 2
Broadcast: Saturday 5th May- 13:00-13:30
“[A] Sci-fi comedy in which David Mitchell and Robert Webb star as tetchy novelist Ray and his flatmate Colin and, in a parallel space adventure concocted by Ray, as Baron Amstrad and his bothersome android companion Info.”

This show has already aired, but it is available via ‘listen again‘ service. Thanks Roy!

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