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Online Audio BBC Radio 3SFFaudio contributor Roy, has two unusual scoops for us today…

In “The Wire” slot (BBC Radio 3 21:00-21:45 Saturday 5th August UK Time) there will be a repeat from last October of Jeff Noon’s Dead Code: Ghosts Of The Digital Age. The Radio Times describes it thusly: “Among the ruins of a housing estate in a futuristic, post digital world, music haunts the streets as Joe & Dixie struggle with the loss of Charlie”.

Online AudioOver on BBC Radio 4, in the “Book At Bedtime” slot are five nightly readings of Algernon Blackwood Ghost Stories (BBC Radio 4 22:15 31st July – 4th August).

The Willows
Two travelers camped in the wilderness encounter malevolent forces beyond their understanding. Read by Hugh Ross

The Empty House
An aunt and her nephew attempt to spend the night in a haunted house. Read by Hugh Ross

Ancient Sorceries
An Englishman staying in a sleepy French town makes a terrifying discovery. Read by Hugh Ross

Smith – An Episode In A Lodging House
When his fellow lodger comes to borrow a book, a student his caught up in powerful rituals. Read by Hugh Ross.

The Glamour of the Snow
A tourist at a mountain ski resort becomes captivated by a mysterious young woman. Read by Hugh Ross

And remember folks, these shows are available through the various “listen again” services unique to each BBC channel for 6 days following the broadcast.

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