BBC Radio 4 Documentary Series Imagining Albion: The Great British Future

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Online AudioAn SFFaudio reader has graciously tipped us to an cool sounding show upcoming on BBC Radio 4. Roy writes, “You might care to note what looks like an interesting series (4x 30mins) starting on BBC Radio 4 22nd June (11:30 UK time)….”

Imagining Albion: The Great British Future
“[The] first programme is about H G Wells’ views of the future, but I believe later shows will feature living writers. No doubt more info on BBC sites such as Radio Times from which weekly magazine schedule I have noted this item.” Roy also reminds us that this program “should be available on ‘listen again'” service.

I’ve check the website but haven’t found any more details yet. Wish I had a subscription to the Radio Times. Hopefully we’ll know more as the 22nd approaches. Thanks a bunch Roy!

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