BBC Radio 4 has just broadcast Zoran Zivkovic’s …

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BBC Radio 4 has just broadcast Zoran Zivkovic‘s The Train. Which was first published in INTERZONE in 2000. Zoran Zivkovic is a World Fantasy Award winning author. This was the fourth in a series of five short stories on BBC Radio 4‘s Afternoon Reading collected under the heading “Opening Lines” which is billed as “A showcase of cutting-edge, contemporary writing”. It is archived for a limited time, likely just a 24 hours HERE.

The Train
By Zoran Zivkovic; Read by Roger Hallum
Broadcast: September 29th 2005
Bropadcaster: BBC Radio 4
A bank manager is travelling to an important meeting where he will announce whether or not his bank will grant a substantial loan to a new company. He’s mulling over the risks involved when he meets God, who reveals that he will provide the answer to a single question. The man can’t believe his good luck and asks God to solve his bank loan dilemma.

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