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BBC Radio 4According to the latest issue of the Radio Times an all new show in the long loved Journey into Space series is set to air this weekend! Fans of JiT first heard the show on BBC airwaves back in 1953. This new program (written by the same guy) continues the tradition. For fans, this is something not to be missed, for those who haven’t heard of it before check out the Wikipedia article. This will be available for a week after the broadcast via the BBC R4 “listen again” service.

Journey into Space – Frozen In Time
By Charles Chilton; Performed by a full cast
1 Broadcast – Approx. 60 minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4 / The Saturday Play
Broadcast: Saturday April 12th 14:30-15:30 (UK TIME)
“The crew of 1960’s spacecraft Ares awakes from suspended animation in 2008. Jet Morgan – played by David Jacobs from the original cast – has been the only one left awake for the past 30 years. Unwittingly caught up in seismic deception, the Earth’s future could be in peril.”

Also, there’s an informative article about the making of this show (along with some nostalgia on the venerable Journey Into Space lineage) over on the Times Online website |READ IT|.

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3 thoughts to “BBC Radio 4 – Journey into Space – Frozen In Time”

  1. I have listened to the tapes of Operation Luna and The Red Planet for about ten years on audio tapes. I first heard them live on british radio when a child. I would love to buy CDs of the series as I have almost worn my tapes out. Any hope?

  2. you can download the complete series on bittorrent in mp3 format, i collected a lot of sf oldtime radioplays this way,


    in Holland

  3. PHIL: You’re missing the thrd series…Earth in Peril! Jet, Doc, Mitch and Lemmy venture back to the red planet…and excellent series, especially if you enjoyed Luna, and The Red Planet.

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