BBC Radio 7 and Radio 4: Fatherland and You’re Entering The Twilight Zone

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SFFaudio’s covert agent in the U.K., codenamed “Roy”, has dug up some very interesting intel and delivered it to our email dead drop:

“As you said on SFFAudio that you liked Anton Lesser in the Falco series, you may want to note that he stars in the five part serialisation of Robert Harris’s Fatherland running on BBC7 this week (this serialisation from 1998 is actually an extended version of the 2 hour play first broadcast on R4 in 1997). You may not have spotted this as it is not in the daily dedicated ‘7th Dimension’ slot.”

BBC Radio 7 - BBC7Beginning on Monday and running daily, BBC7 is airing their adaptation of Robert Harris’ bestselling novel Fatherland. This powerful and award winning drama, examines an alternate history in which the Nazi empire never fell. The setting is 1960s Berlin, on the cusp of Hitler’s 75th birthday. Dramatised and produced by John Dryden, it stars Anton Lesser and Andrew Sachs. This will definitely be one to catch via the Listen Again service!

BBC Radio Drama Fatherland by Robert HarrisFatherland
Based on the novel by Robert Harris; Performed by a full cast
5 Parts – Approx. 2.5 Hours [RADIO DRAMA]
BROADCAST: Monday September 7 – Friday September 11 @ 1.30pm, 8.30pm and 1.30am (UK time)
Nazi Germany has won the war. Churchill is living in exile. King Edward and Queen Wallis are puppet monarchs of the UK. It is 1964, a week before Hitler’s 75th birthday. Anton Lesser stars as the Berlin detective called to investigate the suspicious death of a retired German senior civil servant.

Also on the schedule…

You're Entering The Twilight Zone (Radio Times - Jeremy Aspinall)BBC Radio 4There’s a new documentary called You’re Entering The Twilight Zone, which looks back at the venerable The Twilight Zone franchise. It airs on BBC Radio 4 next week. It’s a 30 minute doc that sounds very solid so I’ll be adding this to my Radio Downloader subscription too. It airs September 15th 2009 on BBC Radio 4 @ 11:30 (U.K. time).

“Alan Dein explores the classic American television series The Twilight Zone, as well as the life and imagination of its creator, Rod Serling.

Fifty years ago, Serling ushered audiences into a new realm of light and shadow. He had already electrified the new medium of television with his powerful dramas and their explorations of race, morality and capitalism, but now he offered glimpses of American dreams and nightmares.”

[Thanks Roy!]

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  1. Wanted to take the time to let you know we would be lost without you..check this site several times a day….and a big thankyou for telling us about Radio Downloader awhile it…..

    I may not post often but please know you provide an invaluable service to all of us SF freaks..;-)

    Rick Roberts

  2. In the spirit of giving out free software advice (like huff duffer and radio downloader) be sure to check out an RSS service. For instance, I use SAGE, a plugin for FIREFOX to visit check more than 100 blogs and twitter feeds per day with just one click. Just type in “SAGE for FIREFOX” into google. This will allow you to get near instant updates on SFFaudio posts without having to visit the site (the bad news for us is that you won’t be able to click on our ads to make us rich).

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