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BBC Radio 7 - BBC7Dramatist Marty Ross points us to his three new plays entitled Darker Side Of The Border. Sez Ross:

“[These] plays are going out on BBC Radio 7 this week – three free dramatisations of classic Scottish tales of terror: one a day from Monday 14th March to Wednesday 15th, broadcast at 6pm and midnight, UK time. If you don’t have direct access to this digital channel, don’t worry – as each play gets posted on the Radio 7 website for 7 days precisely from the time of UK broadcast, so the first play gets posted 6pm UK time Monday and is available till 6pm UK time the NEXT Monday, the next play posted 6pm Tuesday and so on.”

The three plays are:
MONDAY – The Captain Of The Polestar
Based on the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
An arctic ghost story. “A young doctor sails on a whaling ship.”

TUESDAY – Olalla
Based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson
An eerie Spanish tale of tragic love and family secrets. “A soldier who falls in love while convalescing.”

WEDNESDAY – The Brownie Of The Black Haggs
Based on a story by James Hogg
A very strange tale of deranged, demonic passion. “Bossy Lady Wheelhope becomes strangely obsessed with a mysterious servant.”

Thanks Marty!

I’m hoping someone puts these up on, that way I can listen to them in the more portable MP3 format.

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