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First broadcast in 1998!

Troy – King Priam and his Sons
By Andrew Rissick; Performed by a full cast
1 Part – [RADIO DRAMA]
AIRS: Sunday at 10am and 8pm
The first in a trio of compelling plays re-telling the story of events leading up to, and following the fall of Troy. As the Trojan King and his wife expect their second son, the Gods warn that disaster looms if the child lives.

Another chance to hear this “sci-fi thriller,” originally commissioned for BBC 7.

By Martin Kiszko; Performed by a full cast
3 Parts – [RADIO DRAMA]
AIRS: Saturday at 6pm and midnight
In a futuristic totalitarian world where music has been banned, a government scientist uncovers some uncomfortable facts.

Another rerun of a special commission for BBC 7, this one described as “sci-fi horror” .

By John Wyndham; Read by Nicholas Boulton.
2 Parts – [ABRIDGED?]
AIRS: Sunday at 6.30pm and 12.30am
The instinct for survival is tested when a group of space travellers are trapped on board a shuttle to Mars.

A first broadcast for this new BBC 7 commission. This one sounds cool!

Project Raphael
By Jenny Stephens; Performed by a full cast
3 Parts – [RADIO DRAMA]
AIRS: Monday to Wednesday at 6.30pm and 12.30am
A dangerous enemy agent of British Intelligence has died, taking his secrets to the grave. The only hope of retrieving them is to send someone after him. Raphael volunteers to become a ‘revenant’, a dead agent. However, once he is dead no one can contact him, and so a ghost-hunter is recruited.

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