Radio Drama Revival talks WORMWOOD and podcasts Crazy Dog’s The Salmon Of Blackpool

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Radio Drama RevivalThe WMPG radio show (and podcast) Radio Drama Revival recently aired a thought provoking interview with some of the talents behind the podcast audio drama series Wormwood. Host Fred Greenhalgh sez of it:

“I got the guys from Wormwood ( on. Wormwood is a GREAT serialized mystery drama with broad appeal — conducted with a great sense of pacing, startling scenes and of course a storyline that keeps you begging for more. The two producers and a voice actor got on and just had a wonderful time talking about the show and what they’re trying to do.”

Its well worth a listen as the first season of this wickedly addictive show is set to conclude shortly. Listen in |MP3|.

Also on tap, though the SFF content is as yet unknown is the following:

Radio Drama Revival is airing Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s The Salmon of Blackpool. As Greenhalgh sez:

“I needn’t harp on about the stellar caliber of Roger Gregg’s [the guy behind CRAZY DOG] work, but this is truly above and beyond even the high standards set by his previous work and is truly dazzling. If you want to talk about ‘audio movies,’ tune into this work — it is truly cinematic, and the gorgeous production, performances and sound design all combine to suck you into this tragic and gripping story.”

Crazy Dog’s work is spectacular, Roger Gregg is the Alfred Hitchcock of Radio Drama, so even if it turns out to be lacking any fantastic or horror elements this series will be worth hearing – have a listen |MP3| to part one.

Attend the weekly meetings of Radio Drama Revival by subscribing to the big tent, namely the podcast’s feed for the show:

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2 thoughts to “Radio Drama Revival talks WORMWOOD and podcasts Crazy Dog’s The Salmon Of Blackpool

  1. Hey, thanks for the great coverage! I know you’ve covered some other things in the past, and SFF lovers ought not to be disappointed with my programming. Check out past work by “Dry Smoke and Whispers” for serious sci-fi and my own “Fall of the Hero” for a twist on the classic fantasy hero story.

    Gregg’s “Salmon of Blackpool” is more gritty realistic drama, but as you say above, it’s well worth hearing even by fans of other genres. Still, if it’s SF you’re dying to hear, I’ve also featured his “The Last Harbinger,” which is a biting sci-fi satire that again, showcases something different that can be done with this art form.

    Thanks again, and keep on listening!


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