BBC7 shows us: This Is Pulp Fiction

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BBC Radio 7 - BBC7Over in the Crime and Thrillers slot all this week on BBC Radio 7 there’s a nifty series of “pulp” (crime tales from the pulp age) airing. All are read by Peter Marinker, a veteran narrator – sound intriguing? You bet, read on…

This Is Pulp Fiction
By various; Read by Peter Marinker
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 7 / Crime and Thrillers
Broadcast: Monday to Friday at 9.45am, 8.45pm and 1.45am
A brand new series for BBC Radio 7, in which Peter Marinker reads some of the best in classic American Pulp Fiction. From Divide and Conquer, Jack Ritchie’s 1957 crime thriller about a cleverly foiled protection racket, to A Real Nice Guy, William F. Nolan’s classic story about a serial sniper.

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