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Blackstone AudiobooksJeremy Brett was Sherlock Holmes and Stacy Keach is Mike Hammer. I’ll brook no arguments to dispute either claim. See, I’ve been a Stacy Keach fan since I was a kid. Sure Ralph Meeker was an absolutely terrific Mike Hammer in Kiss Me Deadly, no question there, but that was not the defining portrayal. That started with Keach in the Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer 1984/1985 TV series. Two more Mike Hammer TV series followed, and then it propagated into several of the 1980s audiobooks (I’ve still got Keach’s reading of I, The Jury somewhere around here). So now you know why I was so excited to see that Grover Gardner, himself recently a guest on SFFaudio Podcast #093, had posted a truly engaging new interview with Stacy Keach on the Blackstone Audio blog.

They talked about Blackstone’s Kiss Her Goodbye, a new Max Allan Collins/Mickey Spillane novel, the ongoing The New Adventures Of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (Volumes 1, 2, 3) audio drama series (which I shamefully still haven’t heard) and they even touch on Keach’s new boxing/crime/family drama TV show Lights Out in which he plays the cagey patriarch to a pair of boxer sons.

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  1. Fine interview. Mr. Keach is a highly underrated actor (along with being an fine voice artist). He, in fact, portrayed the lead to one of my all-time favorite films: that of Colonel Kane in William Peter Blatty’s THE NINTH CONFIGURATION.

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