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Blake’s 7 BlakecastThere isn’t much to the Blake’s 7 Blakecast, even the webpage for it is disabled. But on the other hand, the content, recorded in spring 2007 and podcast in mid-2007, is excellent. If you’re intrigued by the new Blake’s 7 audio series it’ll be well worth a listen! Download the 2 MP3s directly…

Blake’s 7 Audio Adventures Trailer |MP3|

Episode 1 |MP3| (an interview with series writer Ben Aaronovitch)

…or subscribe to the podcast feed:

Posted by Jesse Willis

2 thoughts to “Blake’s 7 Blakecast

  1. This infernal blakecast site has never worked for me.Nor do these links, any ideas, any one? I’ve tried for over a year now ..Diddley Splidge.

  2. Yep it looks like the site is now not working. My first suggestion is a piece of software called RADIO DOWNLOADER. BBC will probably rebroadcast the shows and with RD installed you can subscribe and automatically download programs when they air (i believe the new BLAKE’S 7 series is one of those you can subscribe for). My second suggestion is to buy the CD set – it is a good show worth owning.

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