Brilliant monologue by world’s driest humorist Jack Mangan

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Online Audio - Jack Mangan's Deadpan PodcastThe below the radar variety show podcast Jack Mangan’s Deadpan has the most devoted audience in the known universe. Where else can you find a podcast with regular 1000+ comments per post? I think 99.9% of that credit should go to the man himself. Honestly, I tend to fast forward through a lot of the show’s regular segments, skipping over bits like “the contents of one’s fridge” and such – but there’s something about the timing, wit and genuine good nature of the guy with the deadpan delivery that keeps me coming back again and again and again. Jack’s latest show (#66) |MP3| is a short 26 minute “diary podcast” (AKA monologue) talking about Star Wars and community, and the impact those first three movies had on a certain generation’s psychological ethos. Jack once again proves that humor is a dish best served dry:

“Like for example if you’re in a rough place and somebody starts fucking with you – just kill them – hack off their arm with your lightsaber – shoot them first – whatever you got to do.”

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