BrokenSea: 2109: Black Sun Rising [AUDIO DRAMA]

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BrokenSea Audio Productions: 2109: Black Sun RisingMy friend, Bill Hollweg, has posted the first episode of his new original Science Fiction audio drama series 2109: Black Sun Rising. Produced for BrokenSea Audio Productions, the show makes extensive use of the stereo format (so be sure to use headphones or widely spaced speakers while listening). Also present are a many allusive character names, a plethora of familiar voice actors, and a teensy bit of harsh language.

Here’s the 2109: Black Sun Rising – Episode 1 |MP3|

Posted by Jesse Willis

5 thoughts to “BrokenSea: 2109: Black Sun Rising [AUDIO DRAMA]”

  1. Episode 4 just went online yesterday, the story grows ever darker and the bizarre and ever more violent TV programming from Earth gets well, darker and more violent. Thanks again Jesse for posting my friend!

  2. This might actually be a good show if you get to the story and drop the coffee crap. Very distracting from the story and very obnoxious. Every sip exactly the same, even when the person sipping is talking. Very unprofessional and not funny. It is turning this podcast in to podcrap.

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