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BrokenSea Audio Presents: OTR Swag CastOf the many podcasts I’m subscribed to the one that I take the most for granted, and mention the least, is BrokenSea Audio’s OTR Swag Cast. OTR, of course, stands for Old Time Radio. But there are at least a dozen old time radio podcasts and I don’t really like any of them except for the OTR Swag Cast. One of the reasons I love it so much is that the host, Bill Hollweg, has a passion for audio drama that’s truly infectious. Moreover, he picks interesting, obscure and excellent OTR. The latest show, which isn’t actually hosted by Hollweg, features the first episode of a 1949 Mutual Network series called “John Steele, Adventurer.” It’s a really terrific episode! Titled “Cargo Unknown”, it introduces the John Steele, a former WWII fighter pilot who runs a one man airline that carries cargo to all points around the world. And in this episode it puts him into a dangerous situation straight away. The cargo he carries is of course both deadly and beautiful and the show makes for really terrific listening. The only sadness here is some sort of digital compression artifacting that can drown out some of the quieter scenes. The OTR Swag Cast typically runs over an hour, and so after that first half hour of excellence there’s their regular welcome backup feature, The Avengers!

If you haven’t heard the OTR Swag Cast before, pick it up with this episode, you’ll love it! |MP3|

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