BSAP’s Halloween includes Zombie Cheerleaders

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Broken Sea AudioBroken Sea Audio Productions is so worried that the faint-hearted (or light headed) among you will be extremely disturbed by their new Halloween offering, Zombie Cheerleaders, that they’ve setup some hoop jumping in a terms-of-use-style: “This Audio is for Mature audiences only. If you are NOT over the age of 18, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. DO NOT LISTEN.”

Dare you listen to the…

Zombie Cheerleaders


Says me: “It’s weird hearing Mark Kalita swear.”

Says one hypothetical listener who’s a cheerleader herself: “Like oh-mahgawd! It’s like so scarey. She’s like totally a cheerleader and a zawmbee. Eww, growss.”

To check out the other scary, but less cheerleadery, BSAP offerings CLICK HERE.

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