"Canadia 2056" COUNTDOWN: T Minus 11 Days

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Canadia 2056With its typical unassuming strategy I’ve heard absolutely nothing on CBC Radio One to promote their upcoming Radio Drama series Canadia. But some diligent searches have yielded up these tiny tidbits: The show is actually going to be called Canadia 2056 and is being described as…

“It is the year 2056. The United States has launched an armada to destroy an alien threat. Canada sends the nation’s only publicly-funded spacecraft, The Canadia – a ship with a single purpose. Flush. To plunge the Americans’ toilets. Travel with them.”

Another source describes it as “a celestially funny comedy series set in the year 2056 starring Matt Watts.” Matt Watts, who not only stars in the show but also writes it, describes the show as being “about an American Midshipman on a Canadian maintenance ship, in an American fleet headed towards war.”

The official CBC sub-site for the show is HERE, though there is nothing more there at the moment. Is this the Science Fiction/Comedy series we’ve all been waiting for? Tune in April 20th to find out. The show starts with its first episode:

Friday, April 20, 2007, 11:30 a.m on CBC Radio One (in Canada) and streaming online – worldwide.

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