Canadia: 2056 episode 5 (half-way mark) airing today

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Canadia 2056Canadia: 2056 episode 5 is airing across Canada this morning starting at 11:30 am in all time zones (except Newfoundland). You can hear it ONLINE via the Streaming Radio Map – just click the time zone in your area at 11:30 (you can also time-shift a bit) and a RealAudio stream will be available. Radio stations across Canada are also an option – but as of yet there is no podcast feed! The airing of this episode makes this the half-way point through Canadia: 2056‘s run!

Here’s the official CBC Radio hotsheet description:

“The Captain and Anderson are away from the ship when disaster strikes. It’s a technical malfunction that’s bad enough to destroy the ship. And even moving around onboard requires ingenuity. Head for outer space this morning aboard Canadia 2056, the lone Canadian government spacecraft, sent to support an American space armada fighting hostile aliens. Canadia 2056, this morning at 11:30 (noon NT) on CBC Radio One.”

Hey, does anybody know how to spell the Canadia: 2056 version of their curse-equivalent of “frak”? Is it kruk? Cruc? Here, listen to this MP3 CLIP from episode 2, it’s full of lots of cruc/kruk/krukin’ type swearing.

I need to know how to spell it so I can write CBC an email, as in: “Hey CBC, where’s the crukin’ podcast feed for Canadia: 2056?”

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  1. Yes, please write that email! It’s ridiculous. Let’s let them know there’s some demand for this sort of thing outside of their regular broadcasting schedule. Had I been on the ball, I would have used this little script I once wrote just to grab these sorts of streamed broadcasts.

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