Canadia: 2056 is airing! Catch it now!

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Canadia 2056Canadia: 2056 episode 1 has already aired in Eastern Canada. It is, at the time of this post, airing in Central Canada and will begin airing in Alberta and British Columbia very shortly. If you haven’t already heard it, there’s still an opportunity. Click on over to the Streaming Radio Map for CBC Radio One. Click on an Alberta feed or a British Columbia feed to catch the last two original episode airings.

Canadia: 2056 airs this Friday at 11:30 AM (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern) on CBC Radio One.

3 thoughts to “Canadia: 2056 is airing! Catch it now!”

  1. Yup. It’s a winner. You can do the typical Canadian thing and pull it apart over this or that… or you could just get on the bus. I suggest the latter. It’s funny and charming and it’s only going to get better as we move past the exposition.

    CBC owes these guys a re-run. Let it build a bit of buzz, then give it a second play on the weekend starting in a few weeks. C’mon CBC, we’ve paid for the darn thing – let’s make sure everybody gets a chance to enjoy it!

  2. Nope… but I would say give it a week. There was a lot of “introduction” going on there – I think this one is only going to get stronger.

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