Canadia: 2056 now has an official website

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Canadia: 2056CBC Radio engineer, producer and director (The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, Afghanada) Greg DeClute tells me that Canadia: 2056 now has a full fledged website!

Amongst the info already found there are an Episode Guide, a Cast List, and a Photo Gallery. DeClute says that later in January we can expect to see a “Canadia: 2056 contest” and a “behind the scenes video of the making of the show”!

And here’s a link back to our listening guide for U.S. listeners.

Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. Free The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al!

2 thoughts to “Canadia: 2056 now has an official website”

  1. Oh man… it must have taken them seconds to find that completely unrelated image of the space shuttle, which does not appear in Canadia 2056, docking with the international space station, which will be even more a piece of useless space junk by 2056 than it is now. C’mon CBC old girl… these guys are making you a damn fine show here – could you maybe, y’know… Try a little harder? Or even just some?

    *ahem* Sorry… that just kind of slipped out.

    Oh, and Free Apocalypse Al!

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