Canadia: 2056 Season 2 Ramping up – it STARTS Wednesday!

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Canadia: 2056Matt Watts, writing on his blog, sez:

“I just finished writing the last episode of Canadia [that’s Canadia: 2056 – Season 2]… Like five minutes ago. We still have 2 episodes left to record, but I’m done with the writing. Done.

It’s bittersweet for sure. I’m not exactly sure how I feel. A bit relieved, a bit sad… A bit… Tired. Actually, shit, really tired.

24 episodes in a year and a half. 10 the first season, 14 this season.

I hope people like this season (Which, incidentally, starts this Wednesday @11pm on CBC radio 1)…

Anyway, I’m going to bed. For a few days, I think. Then I’ll catch up on all the e-mails… taxes… life… That I’ve been neglecting for so long.

I had a hell of a time. Not many people get to do what I just did. I’ve been really lucky for this experience.

Ahh, feels nice…


Oh… There’s this little… Twinge of something… In my gut… What is that…


What the hell am I going to do now?!?!


I’m unemployed.”

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2 thoughts to “Canadia: 2056 Season 2 Ramping up – it STARTS Wednesday!”

  1. Not really, which is why we bitch so much about there being no podcast for the show. Other than tuning into one of the five time zones it is broadcast in, (or listening during the re-airing – it airs twice, once in the morning and once in the evening during the week) – the only way to listen would be to record it during the broadcast and then listen to it at another time. I normally use FREECORDER, to record it using my web-browser but I somehow missed it the first episode – luckily a friend of mine got it using AUDACITY.

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