Canadia: 2056 – Season 3?

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Canadia: 2056 Season 2Matt Watts has posted an update about everybody’s favorite Canadian radio drama, Canadia: 2056 to his blog. –

Matt sez:

While I was at the CBC today, we talked about the possibility of a 3rd season… And we don’t know what to do…

I would love to do a 3rd season, not just because it’s a job, but because I have a great time putting this show together… It’s a great group of people, and I love the world that’s been created.

The success of a show like this is tough to gauge… There are listener numbers, but it doesn’t tell us a whole lot.

So, without sounding like I’m trying to solicit “fan mail” I’m putting this out there:

It wouldn’t hurt to write the CBC and ask for a 3rd season, if you want one… Even if it’s a simple: “I’m a fan of this show and I’d like a 3rd season please”.

Of course, you can be more enthusiastic if you like, I’m not going to dissuade you.

Here’s the address to send something to: [email protected]

It’ll go to my producer, who will forward it to the powers that be.

This isn’t an attempt at starting a campaign, it’s just that we could all benefit from a better picture of how many people are actually listening.

So… let’s get writing folks. I’m excited about the idea of a third season, but I’d probably just as excited to hear a new Matt Watts SF show – maybe even more so. I’m betting most folks still haven’t heard either of Matt’s “Steve” series – it’s got the same flavour, comedy, satire SF, but a completely different setting.

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