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CBC Radio - Search EngineCBC Radio has canceled its most popular podcast. CBC had previously, in an unprecedented move, exiled Search Engine from the actual radio broadcasts and had the staff reduced to just the host (Jesse Brown). Despite these hurdles the show was still breaking important news and doing terrific interviews on a nearly weekly basis. In fact Search Engine was CBC’s:

“…most downloaded audio podcast. It’s won an international radio award and has been on iTunes’ .Best Podcasts of The Year List’ for each year that it’s been around.

It also happened to be the CBC podcast I most looked forward to each week.

CBC still produces some amazing programs. But the new trend seems to be produce retarded decisions…

Cancel Intelligence. Cancel radio drama. Cancel Search Engine.

What the fuck CBC?

The folks making these decisions have got to be boneheaded techno-fogies who don’t read their own stats.

TV0 - Search EngineThe good news is there appear to be some smarter managers over on TVO (TVOntario) who’ve decided to pick up Search Engine. CBC doesn’t want listeners?

TVO here we all come. For more on this story read what TVO’s Search Engine has planned for Summer 2009.

Here’s the new podcast feed:


By the way this is Heritage Minister James Moore‘s portfolio (Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam). I would hope he is very shamefaced by this CBC gaff under his ministry. He comes from radio. Prior to being a politician he was a broadcaster on CKST.

Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. Another boneheaded decision by CBC. It still hasn’t released the J. Michael Straczynski radio drama The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al!

2 thoughts to “CBC cancels its most popular podcast”

  1. Hey Jesse,

    Thanks for writing this passing along our links. We’re really happy to have Jesse at TVO. We hope Search Engine’s listeners will find other stuff they like at TVO.

  2. Thanks Mike. I’m in BC so I haven’t really got enough exposure to TVO. I’ve heard the Big Ideas podcast and of course I absolutely loved Prisoners Of Gravity. I’ve now subscribed to THE AGENDA audio podcast.

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